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Managing and Increasing Customer Reviews

Don’t Get Web Slapped by Your Customers

Did you know people are talking about your company online and you’re not even aware of it?  And, it’s normally the very happy or very unhappy customers speaking out and, therefore, that balance is incredibly easy to tip?

Customers can be very easy to please, but unless you’re something extra special, it’s unlikely that you’ll get a review – people expect more and more from companies every day.  On the other hand, if you fail to meet the exact standards of a particular customer, you’ll find that they’ll take whatever steps are necessary to complain in the form of a nasty review.  You have no control of the comments they write.   In some cases, you can’t even readily rebut those complaints.

While the statement ‘no publicity is bad publicity’ is true, over 70% of the people searching online trust reviews.  Review sites ‘recommend’ sites based on crowd-sourced reviews, and there’s nothing you, as a company can do about it.

Or is there?  At TruReviews we offer a solution to this problem.  We help you take back control of your online presence by effectively managing your reviews.  We are here to build your online reputation!

  • Increase Leads, Sales, Profits
  • Attract the Attention of Prospective Customers
  • Improve Reputation Through Customers Voice
  • Reviews work as “Eye Candy” to people searching for local businesses